By Nancy Madison
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ISBN: 193120186
Romantic Mystery

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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When Kate Stanhope inherited her husband's mansion in Lake Windermere,
Cambria, northern England, there was no money to maintain the estate.
She realized her dream by converting it into a hotel.

During the first weekend the hotel opened, Penman, one of the guests is found dead.

When Detective Chief Inspector Nick Connor investigates, he suspects foul play. An autopsy is performed which determines the guest was killed by drinking a herbal tea laced with the deadly herb, cowbane. The tea was especially prepared for Kate's consumption.

Connor determines that Penmar's death was accidental; that Kate was the intended victim. It remains to discover who would want to kill her.

Kate's deceased husband, Stephen, had promised to will the estate to his nephew, Charles, and niece, Clarissa, but suddenly changed his will in Kate's favor. Charles, a cold and calculating man, is resentful of this. He has had disastrous financial failures, which necessitate his selling his estate, Folly. The interested hotel chain will purchase
Folly if the King Grant property can be purchased. Kate refuses his pressure to sell, and he will go to any lengths to force her to do so.

Connor eliminates all concerned except Charles. It becomes his job to gain evidence which will convict him.

Nick and Kate become romantically attracted, but Nick has ambiguous feelings since he has had unfortunate experiences with women in the past.

This is a lighthearted romantic suspense story: the suspense depending on whether Charles will be successful or whether Nick will be able to stalemate him.

The characters are all real and human; the romance beguiling. This is a quick and pleasant read.


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