An Alaskan Mystery
By Sue Henry
William Morrow - June 17, 2002
ISBN 0-380-97882-2 - Hardcover
Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by: Susan McBride, MyShelf.Com
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Just when Alaskan musher Jesse Arnold thinks she's due some peace and quiet after her log home was burned down, she soon realizes that racing in the Iditarod might be restful, compared to what happens after the bones of a dead man are dug up in her newly-plowed basement. The construction crew puts a temporary halt on pouring the cement for the foundation so the medical examiner can safely excavate the bones and examine the area for evidence. And that's just the beginning.

Jesse begins to regularly find solitary roses lying on the steps of the motor home which serves as her temporary home. The flowers arrive without notes and, when the florist won't give her any information on the sender, Jesse thinks she may have a stalker trailing her again. When women start disappearing and turning up dead in the area, folks begin to think that someone has resumed where an imprisoned serial killer left off.

For fans of Sue Henry, COLD COMPANY gives plenty of what she does best: reverent descriptions of the chillingly beautiful Alaskan wilderness, a strong female protagonist who can take a licking and keep on ticking, and a traditionally plotted mystery with plenty of suspects. Enjoy a little cold company on a hot summer day.

Susan McBride is the author of "And Then She Was Gone" and "Overkill."

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