A Mitch Stone Mystery
By Dave Monroe
iUniverse Writers Press Club
ISBN: 05952175589

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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The time is 1812: a British warship loaded with a million in gold to finance an invasion of the United States sinks on the bottom of LakeOntario. Only one member of the crew escapes to land at Smyth's Cove with a hoard of the gold which had been taken by the American spy who took over the ship.

Present day: The Chinese navy has surrounded Taiwan, hoping to invade the island. They have devised a plan to keep the United States from interfering. They will submerge a submarine loaded with nuclear missiles hidden in the hold of a cargo ship into Lake Ontario just before the lake freezes over; aim the missiles at major U S cities; and hold the U S hostage. They will then sink the cargo ship at the entrance channel to the lake so the U S Navy cannot enter.

Unfortunately one of the members of the team tries to defect and is killed. His body is dumped into the lake.

Sheriff's deputy Mitch Stone and his partner, Gary, in a dive to search for a missing woman, accidentally find his body. In the search for answers to the strange body and the unusual sightings on the lake, Stone must fight against an unknown enemy: his nemesis FBI agent, Niederham, and must also find time to solve the mystery.

As a bonus, Stone discovers that the sailor from the British warship was a distant relative and finds some of the gold he lost on his way to shore on the bottom of the lake.

This is a fast-moving story with enough action to keep the reader's interest throughout the story. The characters are real people. The camaraderie between Mitch and Gary is a pleasure to read. The various incidents of diving are graphic and stimulating. The premise of the submarine scheme is imaginative. Who can say that it couldn't happen?

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