By J. Gregory Griffis
AmErica House - 2001
ISBN: 1588513300 - Trade Paperback
for explicit content

Reviewed by: Nancy Mehl for MyShelf.Com
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Jake Vestige is a man on a mission. After discovering his fiancée's brutalized body hanging in the basement of their townhouse, he sets out to find the killer - and mete out his own brand of justice. His background as an undercover agent kicks in, overpowering everything else in his quest for vengeance. Although clues left behind at the murder scene point in one direction, things are not always what they seem. As Jake searches for the truth, new relationships mingle with old ones and the lines between friends and enemies blur. What is real and what isn't? Who killed Veronica? And who is planning Jake's death?

The plot of this engrossing novel is strong and captivating. Griffis is a powerful storyteller. The characters are well drawn and clearly defined. However, constant point of view changes in scenes and many flashbacks cause unnecessary confusion and there are editing problems that shouldn't be found in a novel that has this much going for it.

Also, be warned. There are several explicit sexual scenes and an overabundance of rough profanity.

Griffis has everything it takes to be a top-notch author. Even with the distractions, I couldn't put this book down. The ending was not a disappointment - and the story held up superbly. I would hope that these elementary problems will be solved before Mr. Griffis' next novel. His writing is certainly worth the investment.

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