By Lisa Scottoline
Harper Collins - Sept 2002
ISBN: 0060185147 - hardcover
Legal Thriller / Fiction / Contemporary

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Anne Murphy is the newest member of the all-woman law firm of Rosato and Associates. She has just moved from Los Angeles where she had been stalked by Kevin Satorno. When he attempted to kill her the police could only charge him with assault and he was sent to prison. Anne determined to put as much distance as possible from him.

To escape the noise of the Fourth of July she goes to the Jersey shore to prepare for the high profile trial of sexual harassment brought by Bill and Beth Dietz against Gil Martin Philadelphia's best-known Internet millionaire. She has a gym companion, Willa Hansen housesit for her to take care of her cat.

At the shore she picks up a newspaper to find her photo on the front page with the headline "Lawyer Murdered". She secretly returns to Philadelphia to find that Willa had been killed at Anne's front door, being mistaken for Anne.

Anne sets out to find Satorno who has escaped from prison. She believes he is the killer. With the assistance of the Rosato team she traces the killer only to find things are not what they seem to be.

She has additional problems: compulsive credit card bills; alienation from her mother because of abandonment in her youth; and non acceptance by her associates.

The plot is well constructed; the action is non-stop and suspenseful. The dialogue is snappy and witty. There is attention given to the developing relationships among the women. The interaction at the DiNunzio family is heartwarming. The sense of time and place in Philadelphia is excellent.

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