Critical Condition
By Peter Clement
Ballantine Books - May 2002
ISBN: 034544339-X - HC
A Medical Thriller

Reviewed by: Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com
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Dr. Kathleen Sullivan is having the time of her life with her lover, Richard Steele, when the worst happens. During a love-making session with Richard, Kathleen is paralyzed by what everyone believes to be a brain hemorrhage. She is rushed to the hospital, only to be told there is not much anyone can do for her. She is completely aware but all she can actually move is her eyes.

Kathleen is a prisoner in her own body and as if that wasn't horrible enough, one of the most respected doctors in the hospital makes Kathleen his own medical experiment. His intentions are purely evil and it turns out that he is not the only doctor experimenting with helpless patients. There is nothing Kathleen can do to save herself so she must hold onto the hope that Richard can save her in time from a tragic fate.

Critical Condition introduces an idea that chills me to the very bone. Being trapped in your own body is probably a fear that many people pray will never come true. Clement does more that introduce the idea, his writing ability is able to back this nightmare up and carry it to frightening heights. While I was impressed with the writing, I found Richard to be a little annoying and not quite the hero he was supposed to be. Besides that one tiny detail, Critical Condition is a great medical mystery that will have many people talking about Peter Clement and his wonderful ability to tell a story.

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