Memento Mori Mystery
By Letha Albright
Avocet Books - May 2002
ISBN: - Trade Paperback
Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by: Susan McBride, MyShelf.Com
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Oklahoma reporter Viv Powers returns in Daredevil's Apprentice, the second in the series by the talented Letha Albright. The novel explores friendship, asking us how well we really know even our closest friends and how far we would go to protect them. Viv's own beliefs are put to the test when she finds her best buddy, Lucie Dreadfulwater, hovering over the dead body of Dale Nowlin in her barn with a bloodied knife clasped in her hand. When Lucie asks Viv to assist her in cover up the murder, what's a friend to do?

When Lucie herself turns up dead not long after, Viv wonders about the choice she made. She wonders, too, what troubles Lucie had gotten into that she'd never discussed with her best friend. Once Viv starts looking under rocks, she turns up more than she'd bargained for: questions about who Dale Nowlin was and his strange family ties; the unsolved disappearance of Lucie Dreadfulwater's grandfather; and the malevolent power of a mythical Indian spirit called Utlunta on those drawn into the web of murders in Tahlequah.

Albright mixes rich characterization, a northeastern Oklahoma setting ripe with history and myth and a complex tale of murder, loyalty and cover-ups. For mystery fans who like slightly edgy amateur sleuth novels, you can't do better than Daredevil's Apprentice.

Susan McBride is the author of And Then She Was Gone and Overkill.

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