By Erica Spindler
MIRA Books - June 2002
ISBN: 1551669145 - Hardcover
Suspense / Psychological / Contemporary

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Rachel Ames, local pastor, is reported missing. Her sister, Liz, asks the police to investigate but Lt Valentine Lopez says that Rachel probably left of her own accord. Then a local banker supposedly commits suicide and his assistant turns up murdered.

Liz refuses to believe the police verdict as her sister had left a message of fear on her answering machine. She leaves her job in St. Louis and moves to Key West to find answers; she is given no assistance by the police.

After uncovering suspicions about the suicide and murder she enlists the aid of Rick Wells, a retired Miami detective, who owns a local bar. Together they uncover the existence of a satanic cult whose aim is to force all to deny God. There is a serial killer at large whose method is too similar to that of a killer who is on death row. Too many signs point to Lt. Lopez and it's up to his friend, Wells, to find the truth.

This is a tense tale of corruption and greed; of religious fanaticism; of the power of faith against evil.

The plot is well constructed with characters finely drawn. The action is swift; never falters and ends in a breathless climax. The setting and atmosphere of Key West is well presented.

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