Death is a Cabaret
By Deborah Morgan
Prime Crime - November 2001
ISBN 0425182029 - Paperback

Reviewed by Dennis Collins, Myshelf.Com
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Ms. Morgan makes use of Nineteenth century china to bring this Twentieth century whodunit into the new millennium. Mystery fans will love helping ex-FBI agent Jeff Talbot sift through the clues as he seeks to identify the murderer. There are plenty of suspects, all with plausible motives and means, keeping the suspense level just right.

The world of high-end antique dealing and trading is a new setting for a murder mystery but it fits beautifully. A one-of-a-kind cabaret set commissioned by Napoleon for Josephine is an object of desire to some very sophisticated collectors as they come together for an auction at the beautiful and historic Grand Hotel on Michigan's Mackinac Island.

Jeff Talbot has journeyed all the way from Seattle to bid for the precious treasure. He finds the usually peaceful island bristling with bidders, some above reproach and some downright unscrupulous, but all determined to possess this celebrated tea set. And then they begin turning up murdered.

Deborah Morgan's love for antiques comes through loud and clear, right down to Jeff Talbot's own pride and joy, his 1948 Chevy Woodie. Morgan tells this story splendidly, capturing the aura of Mackinac Island while intertwining the struggle of Jeff Talbot's wife Sheila as she battles the demons in her own mind.

This is the kind of book that will appeal to a very wide audience. It's suitable for all ages and has the unique charm of capturing the reader who has always dreamed of uncovering some long lost masterpiece at a local garage sale. I highly recommend it and sincerely hope that we haven't heard the last of Jeff Talbot.

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