Death Of A Celebrity
A Hamish Macbeth Mystery
By M C Beaton
Mysterious Press - February 2002
ISBN 0-89296-676-9 - Hardback
Mystery / Cozy / Scotland

Reviewed by: Mary Lynn, MyShelf.Com
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When the small Scottish village of Lochdubh becomes the focus of a scandal-seeking television entertainment hostess from Strathbane, it both irritates and fascinates the village policeman, Hamish Macbeth. When the ruthless hostess begins digging up old dirt, it's no surprise when she's soon found dead in Hamish's close-knit village.

Hamish's superiors are eager to term her dead a suicide, but Hamish is not so sure. The list of suspects is long and includes the producer whose show was displaced, the men having affairs with the dead personality, a local reporter who hinted at the woman's death in her horoscope column, and even Hamish himself, who had a run-in with the woman. Hamish quickly sets his sights on a suspect. But when another murder follows, he's left scrambling for clues.

In this outing, Hamish learns that his former fiancée, Priscilla, has become engaged. To counter that news somewhat, Espeth Grant, a new character and possible love interest for Hamish, is introduced.

In some of the previous Macbeth Mysteries, I've figured out "who done it" early on and just read on because I'd become so fond of the characters, but this mystery kept me guessing. At the same time, the solution didn't come out of the blue or leave me feeling as if I'd been cheated when the killer was revealed. There's an engaging twist at the end that left me laughing so hard, I was nearly in tears.

As usual, the author's engaging style kept me turning the pages until there were none left. Although I've read every Hamish Macbeth mystery published, this series has lost none of its charm for me. I continue to be enthralled by Hamish and the various inhabitants of this delightful northwest Highland village. I eagerly look forward to the further exploits of Hamish MacBeth.

Mary Lynn is the author of Dear Cari.

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