Double or Nothing
By Nancy Baker Jacobs
Five Star Books - 2001
ISBN: 078623010X
Thriller/ Caper Book

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com
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In this incredibly crazy book, the worlds of three very different people come colliding together all because of one man's greed. Herb Carmody is in deep trouble. His fondness of sports has dug himself a hole that will cost him one hundred grand to get out of. Though he owns two art galleries, they are not doing well enough for him to skim off the profits. His next plan of action takes the form of his heiress wife, Jane. Little by little he starts to steal the money from her accounts that he needs to pay off his gambling debt. Unfortunately for Herb, Jane notices that her money is dwindling. Because of her inability to understand him, Herb decides that she must die. He needs a plan so that he won't get caught. Enter Ellen Merchant, the splitting double of his wife. Ellen, a twenty-five year old nurse, desperately needs a vacation so she joins a home switching club. When she is contacted by Herb to switch houses, she can't believe her good luck. Little does she know that her vacation will turn into the worst time of her life. She is kidnapped and it is up to her sister to save her before these wacky people kill her.

Double or Nothing is sort of a caper story. Many of the main principles involved run around trying to get things right but with their luck, it just isn't possible. I found it so funny that no matter what Herb planned, things would always go the opposite way. There is a con man in the story, who is obviously a rank amateur and his bungles are also good for a laugh. The writing in the story flowed very well and before I knew it the book was over! I would have liked it to be a little longer but can see why it ended where it did. This is an enjoyable book that shows off the significant writing talent of Nancy Baker Jacobs.

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