By Jean Marie Haugen
Marvin Books -
ISBN: 096620154X
Mystery / Psychological Thriller

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Angela Hewson, in the hospital as a result of an accident caused when she fled her abusive mother, is treated by surgeon, Dr. Vince Michaels. He discovers that she has been abused since childhood by her mother, Margaret. Angela is delusional, has developed a split personality and is withdrawn as a result of her mother's continual abuse.

Dr. Michaels, together with psychiatrist Dr. Springfield, attempt to combat Margaret's attacks and bring Angela back to normalcy. Dr. Michaels and Dr. Springfield are the spiritual warriors against Margaret, who is possessed by a demon.

This is a very compelling account of the effects of abuse on a fragile personality. The characters are developed in-depth with the diverse personalities. It is the timeless struggle between the forces of the spirit with the evil demon.

The author delves into multiple personality disorders, its causes and treatment. The accounts of Margaret's (the demon) treatment of Angela are chilling.

We are given a look at the spiritual healing that must occur to heal the shattered lives.

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