Dying to Get Her Man
By Judy Fitzwater
Ballantine Books - June 2002
ISBN: 0449006417 - Paperback
Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by: Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com
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Jennifer Marsh has big problems. Usually, she is upset because she is an unpublished mystery writer who just can't get a break. Now, besides that, she has found out that some woman is trying to steal the man she loves. Sam Culpepper and Jennifer have been going out for some time and have even decided to work together on a true-crime book, dealing with Richard Hovey's death. When an ex-girlfriend from Sam's past re-enters the picture and seems to be making a play for Sam, Jennifer decides to focus more on their book. What she was trying to use as a distraction ends up putting her in deadly danger. Jennifer becomes convinced that Richard and his fiancée, were murdered. As she becomes more involved with this case, her life-as well as her heart--becomes more endangered..

Dying to Get Her Man is the sixth book in the Jennifer Marsh series. With every book, Judy Fitzwater gets better and better. Her writing flows so well that it is hard to stop reading. I never want to break the spell that Fitzwater has created. I enjoyed reading this book for many different reasons. We are able to see the inside feelings of a writer who has been rejected one time too many. Also, Jennifer's friends are incredibly supportive but even better than that, they are crazy! Their antics are always good for a laugh. This is a fun book that I wish could have been ten times longer.

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