By L.M. Lawson
Paradise Cay Publishers
ISBN: 0989837501
Adventure Suspense

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Jesse Powers and Neal Fox always dreamed of cruising the coast of California and Mexico. They invested everything in their sailboat, Dana, and set out on their dream voyage

They anchor in a deserted island harbor on San Miguel Island to explore the island. They discover a powerboat anchored there. They recognize many of the features of the boat as being the stolen vessel that was described at their last port stop and they decide to inform the US Coast Guard.

Tom Lerner and Hank Allen had operated an insurance scam in California, but when it seemed too risky to continue they decided to steal a boat and escape to Mexico until things quieted down. Together with Tom's boyhood friend, Simon, they hijack a powerboat, the Wind Runner, and set out for Mexico.

Simon, who has a hair-trigger temper, is wanted for the death of a man he killed in an argument. They anchor in the harbor at San Miguel Island. They become uneasy about the sailboat also anchored there; worried that it was suspicious of them and set out in pursuit.

There are several attacks on Neal and Jesse, who enlist the aid of their fellow sailing community and of Mexican ex-diplomat, Senor Charro, to try to hunt the three fugitives and bring them to justice.

This is a tense adventure with the added enjoyment of the pleasures of sailing. The camaraderie of the sailing community is portrayed in its true spirit. The descriptions of sailing and of the technique of managing the sailboat are excellently portrayed with the joy of sailing manifested through the story.

The characters are well drawn; the flawed friendships of the three fugitives; the developing understanding and bonds between Jesse and Neal strengthened by their ordeal.

As a bonus, there is a glossary of nautical terms for those readers unfamiliar with the world of sailing.

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