The Evil Stalker
By Violet Towe
AmErica House - 2001
ISBN: 158851868X - Paperback
Contemporary / Mystery / Police

Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Detective Linda Gesham and her partner answer a call about a body found in nearby Lake Oconee. The body is identified as a businesswoman from nearby Atlanta. This is the first of twelve women, all young, tall, beautiful, successful businesswomen who will be murdered, mutilated and dumped into Lake Oconee.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is called in. Agent Scott Wilkerson and Linda are attracted to each other, and with Scott's help, Linda is able to finger the infidelities and betrayals of her deceased husband, though hey are unable to find any clues to the identity of the serial killer stalking Linda.

Linda's housemate and best friend, Louise, is the next victim. Linda receives a call from Tracy, the woman with whom Linda's husband had a child. Tracy discovers who the killer is and, to protect her child, leads Linda into his presence. It becomes a race for the police to save Linda from meeting the same fate as the other women.

The suspense is maintained throughout the book. The reader never has a clue as to who the serial killer is. The story line is well developed; the characters believable. A quick read.

Note: Much as I enjoyed the story and the characters, I must be honest to say that I felt that I was reading a rough draft of the book. There are many misspelled words, lack of and misplaced punctuation to mention a few things that need correction. All these marred total enjoyment of the book. It is in great need of a proofreader.

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