Jan Brogan
Larcom Press -
ISBN: 0967819946 - Hardcover

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Addy McNeil was a top-notch investigative reporter until the unexpected death of her brother led her to dependency on prescription drugs. She was demoted to the backwaters of the NewsTribune.

Kit Korbanic, venture capitalist, is accused of throwing his business partner, Francis Marquesson, over the railing of the 18th floor balcony. Addy is assigned the story because she and Kit were once lovers and Addy's brother, Rory, was Kit's best friend.

Kit's company is involved in biotechnology and in the discovery and testing of a new medication. Addy's investigation uncovers questionable practices and involvement in synthetic cocaine, which caused the deaths of a number of people.

Addy tries to distance herself from Kit and their past relationship. She discovers an alarming connection between him and her brother's death which adds doubt about the outcome of the trial.

This is a fast-moving, suspenseful story of the greed and corruption of an industry. The feelings between Kit and Addy are in conflict with her aim to find the truth and are realistically presented. The plot is well-constructed, clever and full of intrigue. The story is as real as today's headlines

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