Flash Point
By Nancy Baker Jacobs
Perseverance Press - October 2002
ISBN: 1880284561- TPB

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer, Myshelf.com
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Susan Kim Delancey loves her new job as the Governor's Special Assistant in arson and until a serial arsonist and kidnapper enters the scene. The arsonist kidnaps babies from inept mothers and then sets the house on fire, with the mother inside. Susan knows she must stop this killer before he targets anyone else. Also, she needs to work fast because the babies are still missing. This pattern of crimes could destroy San Francisco Bay Area and along with it, Susan and her son, Max.

Flash Point is a constant roller-coaster of action. The suspense kept me in my seat, unable to move until I knew what was going to happen. The most amazing aspect of this novel are the realistic descriptions and the way the characters came alive. Susan is a character that will be able to carry a series into her early eighties.

I really look forward to reading more by Nancy Baker Jacobs.


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