For Their Own Good
The Hour To Save Her
By Robyn A. Mostacero
Writer's Showcase-2002
ISBN: 0595227023 - e-book
Explicit language

Reviewed by Jen Oliver, MyShelf.Com
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This is an exciting, long book about hired underground governmental assassins who are hired to kill rapists, child murderers, and other harmful criminals. This book introduces the reader to several hired guns who are all young and all have had their own horrible childhoods where most of their parents were killed. It combines a little bit of romance mixed in with the horrible killings.

Ms. Mostacero does a great job in developing these characters and has the reader empathize with them, especially in regards to their terrible childhoods. This is the first book of a series, and introduces characters who have not played a major role in this book, but who are likely to play much bigger roles in books to come. The overall plot line is interwoven with minor plots that all add up to a great crime adventure story. The setting of the big mansion where the hired assassins live is an intricate part of the overall story and provides the reader with a sense of family among the characters.

Despite this book's length, (497 pages), it reads very quickly and the reader does not become confused in any of its parts.

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