By Pat Browning
Writers Club Press - 2001
ISBN: 0595197752 - Trade Paperback

Reviewed by: Nancy Mehl for MyShelf.Com
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Penny Mackenzie is the Lifestyle Editor for The Pearl Outrider - the local newspaper for the small town of Pearl. Her friend, Maxie Harper, reporter for the Outrider, talks her into a late night stakeout. Although a tip that local eighth graders are worshipping the devil and doing human sacrifices turns into nothing more than a pot party, the discovery of a skeleton in a nearby cotton field, throws Pearl into a frenzy of secrets, lies - and murder. Penny finds Maxie's body during an event put on by the Chamber of Commerce. Dinner in the Round is a progressive event that takes the participants to several locations for different parts of the dinner. However, Maxie's progress is ended permanently - at Egg Foo's Bar and Grill.

Who killed Maxie Harper and why? What does the book, Pearl, The Little Town That Gold Built, written by Dabney Brewster, a retired English teacher and the town's local historian, have to do with her death? And whose skeleton has been hiding all these years in Digger Pott's field?

As these questions swirl around Penny like crazy birds trying to find a place to land, Pearl's unique citizens create more questions than answers and a long lost love interest pops back into Penny's life, complicating matters even more.

In this stunning debut series novel, Pat Browning has created a wonderful protagonist and surrounded her with interesting side characters. Penny and Pearl hold the promise of many more intriguing adventures. Browning's writing is professional and flawless and the story is engrossing, with just the right touch of suspense and humor.

This is a winning cozy - from an exciting new author. I'll be watching for the next book in the series - and the next - and the next….

I give FULL CIRCLE my highest recommendation!

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