By Elizabeth Peters
William Morrow - April 2002
ISBN: 0380 97885 7 - Hardcover
Mystery / Thriller

Reviewed by Elaine Broome,
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Shots fired in Gaza, soldiers camped on the roadside, tension between Westerners and Egyptians . . . Elizabeth Peters' new book THE GOLDEN ONE appears to be wrenched from today's headlines. In the book, the year is 1917 and the world is still at war. The Middle East is playing a pivotal role in the plans of both the Germans and the Allied Forces. Troops are pouring into Cairo and Gaza, and passions run high.
Amelia Peabody and her fearless family arrive in Luxor in January hoping to do nothing but excavate. After the unnerving events of their past few years, they hope that the war will leave them alone this season. As usual, things get out of hand quickly. Between corpses in tombs and the intelligence community demanding the help of Amelia's son Ramses, study, exploration, peace and quiet are soon forgotten.

THE GOLDEN ONE is an exciting, fascinating, fabulous book. It carries you at breathtaking speed from Cairo to Luxor to Gaza. Even with the complicated plots and adventure, this is very much a character-driven book and considering the rich and wonderful characters involved, that is a very good thing. We fall in love with our old favorites all over again, see growth and change in them, and renew acquaintances with long-missing friends. There are plenty of surprises at every turn of THE GOLDEN ONE - there's really not even one dull page or one moment that doesn't ring true. I don't know how she does it, but Elizabeth Peters has written another perfectly wonderful book!

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