Haunting Refrain
By Ellis Vidler
Silver Dagger Mysteries - March 2002
ISBN: 1-57072-174-2 - Hardcover
ISBN: 1-57072-175-0 - Trade Paperback
Mystery / Suspense
for Violence

Reviewed by: Jo Rogers, MyShelf.Com
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Kate McGuire isn't psychic, not really. Sure, she sometimes sees more than most people, and knows things she can't explain. But when it came to handling a sweatband that belonged to missing coed Kelly Landrum, Kate saw more than she wanted to see; she saw Kelly's murder from the victim's point of view. Indeed, Kate felt as though she was the one being strangled.

Her friend, Venice Ashburton, a practicing psychic, calls reporter John Gerrard with the news, which he prints along with Kate's name. Kate is thoroughly embarrassed by that, since she feels her budding photography business will suffer, and no one will believe her anyway. But one person believes her - the killer. He believes he needs to silence Kate and Venice before they see who the murderer is and the police believe them.

Unfortunately for the murderer, Kate sees the body floating, and the police find Kelly's body in Lake Jocassee in exactly the position Kate described. Now, it's a race to identify and stop the killer before his attempts to kill Kate and Venice succeed.

HAUNTING REFRAIN is the kind of mystery that grabs you with the first sentence and doesn't let go until the last word. Passages of humor and romance break up the constant tension created by the killer. The characters are totally human and believable in their flaws and imperfections. And the plot is interesting in that most of the time, paranormal events are received with all the skepticism Kate experiences.

If you crave a good mystery, HAUNTING REFRAIN will satisfy your habit. Enjoy!

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