By Lisa Young
PublishAmerica -
ISBN: 1591295416 - Hardcover

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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When Dr. Vince Edwards is found shot to death in his office at the Mental Health Clinic, the police rule the death a suicide. No one could understand why he would kill himself. He had a successful career, a beautiful pregnant wife and a young daughter.

Young Darby Jacobs, a rookie with the Oakhill Police Department doesn't believe the police decision and sets out to prove that he was murdered. She had been a patient of his eight years ago. In the course of her questioning employees of the clinic, she uncovers allegations of Edward's infidelity and of his treating a mysterious unnamed patient.

Detective Donald Salington, with whom Darby had an abusive affair, believes Edward's wife, Dadrea, murdered Edwards in a fit of jealous rage. Her sister, Laurie Taft, casts suspicion on her. Darby, supplied with information from people she had been questioning, sets out to prove her suspicions.

This is a well-written fast read. The characters are real; their interaction with each other carefully developed. The workings of the police are realistically presented.

Just when the reader has decided who the murderer is, something occurs which changes the situation and the focus moves to someone else. A surprise ending

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