If Looks Could Kill
A Bailey Weggins Mystery
By Kate White
Read by: Parker Posey
Time Warner Audio Books - Aug. 2002
Mystery - Amateur sleuth

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Kate White's first mystery is centered on a job she knows well - glamour magazines. The main character, Bailey is a crime writer for Gloss magazine, in New York City -- a city known for its outspokenness, unless one works with the kind Bailey does. When Bailey's boss, Cat, calls complaining about her nanny, Bailey's desire to roll over and snicker in her pillow is short-lived since Cat controls her paycheck.

The mystery takes off when the two check on Heidi the nanny and find a morbid scene of murder. Bailey takes advantage of being the first there and goes through Heidi's room. She finds things out-of-the-ordinary for one so young, and so begins her first mystery case. A case that reveals Heidi's past and present with conceivable twists and suspicions sandwiched in between.

Of course, those nearest to the nanny are suspected. Bailey knows Cat has a multitude of sins waiting to be revealed and plenty to lose, but to the point of murder? Herein lays the problem: when supposed friends work together in an insincere atmosphere and are unable to confide in each other for fear of being exposed or sabotaged, the trust factor is out the window. This is something Bailey has to deal with and factors in on whether or not she helps Cat or hangs her.

Okay, so If Looks Could Kill doesn't completely live up to the hype seen on TV and in magazines, BUT that doesn't mean it isn't worthy of a true mystery reader's time, because it is. The mystery has enough going for it all the way to the final showdown, and since the main character tends to be the make or break of a series, I have to say Bailey has enough strength and wit to survive a possible series, should the writer decide to continue.

Narrator of the audio book version is actress, Parker Posey. TimeWarner couldn't have chosen any better; Ms. Posey has the perfect "Bailey" voice.

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