Will The Real Billy Step Forward
By Joan Moore Lewis
Writers Club Press
ISBN: 1595199429
Thriller - 1967

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Billy Joe Billingsley is a troubled teenager and is sent to prison at a young age. He hasn't been able to live down that mistake and when he is released from prison, is unable to hold down a respectable job.

At a dance in Atlanta, he meets Jane Moss, a young girl with nothing on her mind but clothes and her job. It is love at first sight. She travels with Billy across the South, closing her eyes to his exploits with the Dixie Mafia until they encounter the FBI.

This is an entirely different picture of the South, not the romantic region usually portrayed. The author has successfully evoked a picture of time and place of Atlanta 1967 and of the people involved.

The trials and love of the two is believable. Billy Joe is a sympathetic likeable character and Jane is an ordinary self-absorbed girl. There are hilarious episodes as well as emotional and suspenseful ones.

The plot is well constructed and the story moves along at a realistic pace.


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