A Nicola Anne McGrail Novel
By Andrew M. Greeley
Tom Doherty Associates / Forge - March 2002
ISBN: 0312871880 - Hardcover
Mystery/ Contemporary & 1886 / Amateur sleuths

Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Nicola Anne McGrail has powers of extrasensory perception. When she and her husband, Dermot, meet Seamus Costello, she senses that he is in danger. Costello's dubious business practices have gained him many enemies.

She and Dermot try to find out what or who is placing him in danger and hope to prevent his death. Added to the burden of their investigation is the problem of the health of their premature baby who suffers a number of medical crises.

There is another story: that of the Chicago Haymarket Riot which occurred 100 years ago. A bomb was thrown into the gathering and police and innocent people were killed. Innocent men were accused by the corrupt police and were sentenced to death.

With the aid of Ned Fitzpatrick's diary and his articles in the newspaper covering the Riot Dermot is attempting to solve the 100-year-old mystery.

Greeley has done a superb job of blending the stories of past and present. He has successfully evoked the spirit of the people and places of those times. The characters with their relationship to each other are well-drawn. There is an excellent feeling for the family and its regard and love for each other. The dialogue is crisp and natural with touches of Irish humor and wit.

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