The Iscariot Conspiracy
By Al Blanchard
Koenisha Publications - 2001
ISBN: 0970045867 - Paperback

Reviewed by: Nancy Marie, MyShelf.Com
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Take one good cop and one bad cop, add one dead priest and one reticent priest, mix in a rocky marriage caused by a drunken one-night stand, stir in one confused teen-ager, a kidnapping, a dishonest antiquities dealer, and a document that is supposedly 2000 years old, and you have the recipe for a great murder mystery.

And from there things only get more complicated. The Vatican is unwilling to disclose what it knows about the murdered priest's business. A secret society, called the Society of Iscariot, whose sole purpose is to bring down Christianity in all its various shapes and sizes, appears to behind the whole mess.

Blanchard's characters are drawn with precise reality with all their flaws and foibles exposed. The characters are so believable that, at times, the reader will have a hard time remembering that The Iscariot Conspiracy is only a work of fiction.

The Iscariot Conspiracy by Al Blanchard is a page-turning murder mystery with a dash of international intrigue. Its plot is as complicated and mind-twisting as the coils of a giant anaconda, making it fun, exciting, and well-worth reading.

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