Jake & Mimi by Frank Baldwin
Little, Brown and Company - January 2002
0316170771 - Hardcover
Erotic Thriller - for sexual content

Reviewed by Jen Oliver, MyShelf.com
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A very interesting book that adds seduction, attraction, and thrill all together - Baldwin does a good job of intertwining all of these features. It is a story about a businesswoman named Mimi, who is safely engaged. She works with Jake, who she notices when he slips into the limo of a famous client. She is intrigued by why Jake is there and wants to know more about him. Jake invites her to his place for a few nights of seduction. Meanwhile, there is someone else who is infatuated with Mimi, who notices the time that she spends time with Jake, and decides to get even.

"Jake & Mimi" was very well written, and has a very realistic plot, along with good descriptions of New York City. The mystery, however, could have been introduced sooner in the story. The ending seemed a little open and to leave the reader hanging without a real conclusion.

The sexual content is very respectfully written, with no harsh words, and leaves a lot to the reader's imagination to picture what exactly is going on. There is a little sadism and masochism, but nothing that would repulse most readers. The story is very easy to understand and read.

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