By Mark T. Sullivan
Atria Books - August 2002
ISBN: 0743439805 - Hardback

Reviewed by Jen Oliver, MyShelf.Com
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"Labyrinth" is exciting and suspenseful. Tom and his daughter Cricket go into the cave system in Kentucky to help NASA with some experiments. Tom's wife, Whitney normally would have joined them, but she is haunted by a tragedy that happened a year earlier. While they are preparing to go underground, they are taken hostage by prison escapees, one of whom has been in the caves before and is returning to retrieve what he feels is rightfully his. The only one who can help Tom and Cricket is Whitney, but will she be able to overcome her newfound fear of caves and help rescue her husband and daughter?

This book is wonderfully written and keeps the reader asking for more with every page. Sullivan did extensive research for this book, judging by the cave descriptions, which make the reader feel that they are with these people, wandering in the maze. The character development is great. One know just how Whitney feels when she wakes up from her nightmares and how frustrated Tom and Cricket are when she screams in the middle of the night.

A truly compelling and suspenseful read, which will have this reader looking for more from Mark T. Sullivan.


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