By Rebecca S. Duckro
iUniverse Writers Club Press - 2002
ISBN: 0595196225 - Trade Paperback
Suspense /Contemporary

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Kate Guesswine, Attorney General of South Carolina, is informed by FBI Agent Drew Greer that Kate and her sister Courtney are in danger. The killer, whom Kate had sent to prison and who was believed to have died in a car crash while being transferred to prison is alive and targeting Kate and Courtney for revenge. He is also suspected to be behind a series of brutal murders.

Kate and Courtney own motor homes on Hilton Head Island where they are trying to get their lives in order. Courtney's husband, Jeremy, is a compulsive gambler and has wiped out her savings. Kate has problems with her relationship with Professor David Smithe and with ex-husband, detective Justin McCreary, who still harbors feelings for her. Then Kate uncovers facts about their father, Dr. Clifton Guesswine, relating to their mother, and to his past.

The location of Hilton Head Island and Beauford, South Carolina will be familiar to some, but will be a pleasant trip for the unfamiliar. Of additional interest are the views of the Gulla culture; its origins, its traditions and its existence in the present. There are even complete instructions on how to settle a motor home into a park site.

This is a suspenseful, well-crafted plot with strong characters; full of twists and turns (such as a haunting woman, hovering in the background) with an unexpected ending.


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