Law of Gravity
By Stephen Horn
Harper Collins - 2002
ISBN: 0-06-019441-3 - Hardbound
Fiction / mystery / suspense

Reviewed by Beverly J. Rowe, MyShelf.Com
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Once a high powered lawyer with the Justice Department, Philip Barkley found himself unemployed after his non-politically correct testimony in a high profile inquiry rattled the wrong cages. His loss of status and then the death of his beloved daughter ended his already rocky marriage. Constance, Philip Barkley's ambitious wife, drifted away and is now married to Warren Young, a presidential candidate and the senator who is chairman of the Intelligence Committee. Philip is now in recovery from a nervous breakdown.

When Martin Green, a senior staff member on Warren Young's Intelligence Committee, disappears, Philip is asked to work with the FBI, a strictly political request, to write a report on the disappearance. Barkley has the savvy; the FBI team, headed by ambitious Blair Turner, has the resources. Green's disappearance may be a risk to national security, and political powers want it to be wrapped up quickly -- before it destroys Warren Young's chance at the presidency.

Martin Green is found dead, complete with a suicide note. It looks more and more like he was a spy. But Philip just isn't sure. He leaves the Justice Department but persists in the investigation. It leads him back to World War II refugees from Nazi prison camps, and the Swiss banking industry. He meets a retired cop who was involved in investigating the murder of a young Hungarian immigrant many years before, and was never happy with the verdict in the case. It appears that the two cases may be connected. The two men team up to solve a case that spans decades-- a case where things are not what they seem, and in doing so, jeopardize their own lives. Someone doesn't want these cases solved.

Law of Gravity rises above the long list of legal thrillers currently on bookshelves. Philip Barkley is a strong, likable character. He's a man of integrity who needs to know the truth and see justice prevail.

Stephen Horn is an exciting author that has come up with a clever, compelling plot featuring unexpected twists and turns, nonstop action, and great characters that I want to meet again in future stories. Don't start this book until you have plenty of won't want to put it down.

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