The Legacy
Joseph Antonelli series, No. 4
By: D.W. Buffa
Time Warner Audio books - July 2002
ISBN: 1586212796 - 4 Cassettes, 6 hours
Suspense / Lawyer / Politics

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Old school friend and mentor contacts defense attorney Joseph Antonelli about a murder case in San Francisco. U.S. Senator Jeremy Fullerton has been shot and killed. Fullerton was the kind of guy everyone wishes dead; he knows too much about too many, and those around him hope their secrets died with him. Fullerton's wife and those who worked closely with him do nothing to investigate his death. The impression is the law, including the local police are out to prove his death was a "random act.".

Antonelli doesn't believe the young black pre-med student, Jamal Washington, killed the senator for money. Antonelli takes the case, and quickly discovers that it's beyond complex, with one too many surprises, especially when an acquaintance is blown up and Antonelli has to travel half way around the world and back to solve the case. Can he clear Jamal or will the young student become another sacrificial lamb in the unethical underworld of politics and espionage?

The mystery is well drawn with a suspenseful pace. The courtroom scenes added to the drama. This is Buffa's forth Antonelli mystery. It's a series for those who like legal mysteries and courtroom dramas minus the profanity, extreme violence and/or x-rated sex. Actor Mark Feuerstein's narrating seemed a bit stilted at the beginning, but smoothed out by the second side of tape one. Readers will discover once they pop in the tape of the first audio book, they won't be able to walk away.

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