Little Girl Blue by David Cray
Carroll and Graf - Jan 2002
ISBN:078670943X - Hardcover
Police procedural

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Lieutenant Julia Brennan, commander of the North Manhattan homicide squad, Is called to Central Park to view the naked body of an unidentified girl whose skin has turned blue from the cold. Unconsciously, the name "Little Girl Blue" comes to her mind.

Julia is determined to discover who and what caused the girl to flee in the frigid night. She risks everything to give the girl a name and to bring the person guilty to justice.

Her search teams her with Peter Foley, a maverick in the Sex Crimes
Unit, who is well-informed about pedophiles, and dangerously has an agenda of his own.

Her journey into the dark world of pedophiles threatens not only her life, but also that of her daughter, Corry, and her uncle, reporter
Robert Reid.

This is a well-constructed plot with suspense maintained throughout the story. The characters are developed in depth. The treatment of the strong woman, Julia, who must balance her love for her job with her love and feeling of responsibility toward her daughter; and who must weigh her principles against the politics of the department is excellent. The view of the world of pedophiles is enlightening.

This is a "page-turner" and a must read for any reader interested in following the police in solving a crime.


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