Long Lost
By David Morrell
Time Warner Books - May 2002
ISBN: 1-58621-276-1 - Audiocassette
Mystery / Suspense
E: Violence, Sexual Situations

Reviewed by: Jo Rogers, MyShelf.Com
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Brad Denning is a successful architect with a booming business. He has a beautiful wife, Kate, and a son, Jason. Only one thing mars his perfect life: his younger brother is still missing and it is Brad's fault. When Petey was nine, he followed Brad around until Brad's peers complained. So, Brad told Petey to go home from the baseball game. Hurt, Petey rode off on his bike - and was never found.

Brad's skill at designing homes and commercial buildings that blend with the gorgeous scenery of the Colorado Rockies earns him an interview on the CBS Early Morning show, where Petey's story is told, and con artists claiming to be the missing boy begin to call. One finally has details about their childhood that only Petey would know, and Brad takes his younger brother in.

A few weeks later, Brad and Peter, as he now wishes to be called, take Jason on his first camping trip. They go to the place their father had taken them just before Petey disappeared. While Brad stands at the edge of a chasm above a waterfall, he hears Jason shout and feels something hit him in the back, knocking him over the edge of a cliff and onto a ledge. Though hurt, he manages to get out of the canyon. Now his wife, son and the man he called his brother are gone. With the police and FBI stimied, Brad goes out on his own to find his family.

LONG LOST is a thriller of the first magnitude, a strange tale with an even stranger ending. Why stay up late to watch horror movies when you can listen to Neil Patrick Harris read LONG LOST? Either way, you will be wide awake all night.

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