By Deanne Devine
Lighthouse Press, Inc. - 2001
ISBN: 0-9676354-3-8 - Paperback
Mystery / Suspense / Thrillers
for mature theme

Reviewed by: Kristie Leigh Maguire, MyShelf.com
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Strange things were happening in Miltonville. Unbelievable things. The Itch was just a legend, wasn't it? A legend passed down from generation to generation just like an old wife's tale. Everyone knows that legends and old wife's tales aren't really true. Are they?

Ed Philips wasn't so sure. He had a suitcase full of old documents that his father had passed on to him. He was afraid to show the documents to anyone. They would say he was just a crazy old drunken coot.

Leslie Vickers wasn't so sure. Her mother had died in the last Itch twenty years earlier. That's what everyone said anyway but Leslie knew that her mother had just been in the wrong place at the right time. She had been shot. Nothing to do with The Itch at all. The Itch was just a legend. Wasn't it?

John Barker stirred. It was almost time. It had been almost twenty years since the last Itch. He smelled the Vanderkellen. The scent was getting stronger. The stench was almost unbearable as he struggled to escape from his shadowy world.

Deanne Devine has created a masterful thriller with Lost Hunters. Hang on for the ride as you get lost in the world she has created. This is one that you don't want to read late at night unless you have the doors locked and the bright lights on.

Kristie Leigh Maguire is the author of Desert Triangle, Emails from the Edge, co-author of No Lady and Her Tramp, contributor to Calliope's Mousepad: Women Writers Online.

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