By Daniel Maloney
1st Books - Feb 2002
ISBN: 0759673780 - trade paperback
Mystery / Contemporary / Private Investigator

Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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When Edmonds drops out of law school and sets himself up as a private investigator in Maverick Square, Boston, he finds that he excels in research. He finally acquires Colm, a high caliber scumbag lawyer as a client, and successfully solves numerous assignments for him.

Independently, he accepts a case from Lissa Townsend, who wishes to check out her fiance, Alan Bay, an investment consultant, handsome, wealthy and successful. Lissa portrays herself as vulnerable and financially bereft. Intrigued by Lissa, Edmonds cuts his fee and takes the case.

Edmonds soon finds tha Alan is not what he appears to be, but then neither is Lissa. He must decide whether to reveal their true characters to each other. Complicating his life is Edmonds' long-time love, Toni, a successful businesswoman who wants him to leave his profession for a more stable job.

From page one this reader's interest was captured, and a strong level of suspense was maintained throughout the book. The story is well-plotted, full of twists and turns with an unexpected conclusion. The various characters are so well developed you feel that you know them. The dialogue is at times witty, and always interesting.

In the course of his investigations Edmonds travels throughout his city of Boston visiting its posh and its squalid sections. The reader travels these routes with him, becoming acquainted with the city and its atmosphere and people.

Edmonds is a very likeable character: intelligent, inventive, and compassionate. Let's hope we meet him again soon.

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