Lonesome Lawman series, No. 3
By Pauline Baird Jones
Five Star
ISBN: 078637481

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Luke Kirby, Denver homicide detective, was seeking a week of relaxation in his cabin outside Rocky Mountain National Park. Instead of peace and quiet, he found a beautiful injured woman who had no recollection of how she had reached his cabin or who she is. She calls herself Amelia. She has fleeting flashes of pursuit and danger.

The two are stranded in the mountain by a snow storm, but as the storm abates they find that they are a target for unknown reasons by unknown persons.

Leslie Merryweather is plotting against his father, head of Merryweather BioTech Company. He must have BioTech's top secret project, but the research scientist, John Knight, who designed it, is killed and all the data for the project is stored in his daughter, Prudence's, photographic memory.

Attempts have been made to apprehend Prudence, but she has managed to escape them. Luke takes her back to Denver and tries to protect her while he must return to his job to investigate the murder of John Knight.

This is suspense from page one. It is a narrative of not only deceit, revenge, and betrayal but also of family loyalty and love.

The race down the mountain to elude their pursuers is breathtaking and realistic. Luke's relationship with his family is heartwarming. The growing feelings between Luke and Amelia/Prudence are treated delicately and with understanding about their circumstances.

The story is well written; the plot well constructed...well worth reading.


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