Off Pace
By Brittan Barclay
Barclay Books, LLC-January 2003
ISBN: 1931402043-Trade Paperback
Fiction-Suspense, Thriller

Reviewed by Jen Oliver, MyShelf.Com
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This book takes suspense to a new level. Instead of traditional thrillers and medical mysteries, this book looks at the pacemaker industry and the people who sell them, introducing the readers to Meagan, an RN who wants to be a doctor, but who ends up selling pacemakers when offered an excellent deal. Caught up in the male-dominated world, Meagan puts herself in danger when she starts investigate deaths that have initially appeared accidental.

Barclay does a great job developing Meagan and showing the frustrations of being female in a male field. The setting is Florida, in particular, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, but location is irrelevant to the plot. Barclay entraps the reader with a prologue and keeps interest high throughout. The mystery of who is after Meagan, and why, is great and the reader does not figure it out until the end, which is as a good mystery should be.

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