Omega-Alpha by Lou Gallio
AmErica House Sept. 2001
ISBN: 1588513416 - Trade paperback
Political Suspense - for explicit sex situations

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer,
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The world is poised on the brink of nuclear war. Any small incident could set off a disaster.

U.S. President Ryan "Mac" MacDuff consistently states to the public that "there are no nuclear missiles pointed at our people"; that reducing the nuclear threat is one of his highest priorities. Actually, he has been informed by the CIA that China and Russia have tested warheads within the range of the U.S.

General Chet "Bulldog" Fuller, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, admonishes MacDuff to grant more assistance to Taiwan, to stop the security leaks, and to deploy a missile defense system. MacDuff refuses, stating there is no danger and that we must continue our mutual trade policy.

There is a virus in the missile control units supplied to Russia, China and some Middle East nations which could set off the missles at any time. The virus is caused by MacDuff's silent partner, Bill Redding, who hopes to profit from the sale of replacement units.

When China accidentally launches a missile at the U.S., MacDuff swiftly retaliates with an attack on Chinese bases. All out war hangs in the balance.

There is enough excitement and suspense to satisfy even the most demanding reader: political intrigue and scandals, espionage, blackmail, double dealing politicians, assassinations, industrial espionage and sexual misbehavior.

The characters are well-developed. The story is well-constructed and moves along at a fast pace, ending with a few surprises.


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