Out of Nowhere
By Tim Miller
iUniverse - 2002
ISBN: 059524470X - TPB/ $15.95

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com
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When his son, Aaron, was threatened with death, Reginald Spencer immediately hired the best bodyguards that money could buy. What Spencer doesn't realize is that it doesn't matter who he hires to protect his son. The hit who that has been sent out on his mission to kill is ruthless and the best in the business. He doesn't allow anything to get in his way, especially emotions. To make things even scarier, this hit man has an accomplice, one who enjoys bringing pain to others. Things begin to spiral out of control when one of the hitmen gets caught. Detectives Jim Stanton and Shelly McGuire are on the case and don't plan on allowing any leads to escape their attention especially since the death count is rising.

Out of Nowhere is a fast-paced and tense read. I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next and how the characters were going to deal with it. If you want complete uniqueness, pay attention to the way the first murder is executed. It was nice to see a fresh and different method. What impressed me most about this book were the shocking descriptions. Miller handled situations with sensitivity, but never softened the blow. These characters are wonderfully realistic and I hope there will be more books following their lives.

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