Paint it Black
By P.J. Parrish
Pinnacle Books - January 2002
ISBN: 0786014199 - Paperback

Reviewed by: Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com
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A free trip to Florida? Who would turn that down? Certainly not Louis Kincaid, who needs to get away more than ever. When his old police chief, Sam Dodie, calls on him to investigate a murder in Florida, Louis knows he must go. What in the beginning seems like an open and shut case turns more complicated when another man is killed with the same modus operandi. Then a third man is killed and it doesn't look like the killer has any intention of stopping. Louis and the local police chief, Wainwright don't want to have to admit it but it comes to the point where they must admit that they have a serial killer on their hands. The crimes are particularly brutal and Louis wants to catch this killer before the public goes crazy with worry. Louis is eventually offered a spot with the police when he proves to everyone what an exceptional worker he is. It is pretty obvious to Louis that things are going to get ugly before they are resolved.

Paint it Black is an intense book. There is never a second where the action calms down enough so that you can catch your breath. I did not want to put this book down and kept thinking about it until I was able to pick it up again. The only thing that slowed the story down was the oblique references to past cases. There is never a point where those references were explained, so I felt out of the loop. Otherwise this is great book that I don't recommend your reading at home alone!

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