Paint It Black
By P.J.Parrish
Pinnacle - Jan.2002
ISBN: 0786014199 - Paperback
Contemporary Mystery / Private Sleuth

Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Louis Kincaid,ex-cop, accepts the offer of private investigation work from his former boss, Sam Dodie. He goes to Serena Bay in the Florida Gold Coast to meet attorney Scott Bledsoe who wants Kincaid to investigate the murder of Walter Tatum, his client's husband. Tatum's wife and her missing brother are suspected by the police as the murderers.

Soon after Kincaid arrives, there is another murder. Working with Police Chief Wainwright, Kincaid is convinced there is a twisted serial killer at large who must be stopped before more deaths, even his own, occur.

This is a suspenseful story, written with a well-developed plot, full of intrigue. The characters are true to life and work well with each other. The author has a fine sense of atmosphere, successfully evoking the time and place of Florida. The action is fast-paced and sustains the reader's attention.

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