The Plague Doctor
By E. Joan Sims
Wildside Press - December 2002
ISBN: 1592249639 - Hardcover

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com
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What would you do if your boyfriend was accused of rape and murder? If you are Cassandra Sterling, then you stand your ground, insisting that Ethan is innocent. Cassie met Ethan when he came to town to research the fact that there has been an abnormal rise in babies dying in utero. Not one baby has been carried to term in the past six months. Ethan has been trying to find out if there is some sort of bacteria or virus going around, but apparently this problem goes far further than anyone thought.

Ethan asks Cassie's mother, Paisley, to help him prove his innocence. He has faith in her, since Paisley just happens to be a mystery writer, one who is very good at noticing what most people would not. Paisley agrees, knowing that her daughter has picked a good man and besides, her curiosity would allow her to do nothing less.

The Plague Doctor is the second book in the Paisley Sterling mystery series, filled with interesting and useful facts concerning diseases and their prevention. Sims is obviously learned in this subject, and makes the topic much easier to understand. I really liked the way family is so important in this book. While the plot was well done, this book is an excellent character-driven book


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