By Thomas Perry
Random House
ISBN 0-679-45306-7 - Hardcover

Reviewed by: Susan McBride, MyShelf.Com
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PURSUIT by Thomas Perry is about just that: the hunt for a killer by a man called Prescott who some believe is little better than a killer himself. The story starts off with a bang: thirteen bodies are found in a small restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. Men, women and children, all shot to death. The local police bring in Daniel Millikan, a former cop and current criminology professor who gives them his take on the murder scene. His idea that this wasn't done by a gun-happy lunatic goes against what the Louisville P.D. believe. But Millikan notes that the crime scene is too perfectly set-up to be anything but a contract killing. But what contract killer would murder a dozen people in addition to his hit?

That's where Roy Prescott comes in. He's a combination of bounty hunter, Boy Scout and vigilante. He's hired to find out who placed the hit and who carried it out. From that point forward, Perry's novel follows the trails of both Prescott as he hunts down the shooter and the killer himself. Not only does Perry delve into the mind of a man who wants to see justice done, no matter what's involved, he takes us into the head of a lonely child who would grow up to murder for a living.

The characterizations are nicely done and, perhaps, my favorite part of PURSUIT. Perry has concocted a well-researched thriller that focuses more on people than stunts, which is something to be commended in this day and age.


Susan McBride is the author of And Then She Was Gone and Overkill.

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