By Ron Danklefs Writers Club Press
ISBN: 0595089755 - Paperback
Suspense /Contemporary

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Chris Kodiak is a right wing extremist radio personality who is obsessed with the moral decline of America and advocates riding the country of its "deviants".

One of his followers takes up his cause and embarks on a course of attacking the "deviants," leaving notes on their bodies.

One of those targeted is Benny Taylor's ex-girlfriend. Benny is an unemployed 40-year-old liberal ex-hippie who rides around San Francisco on his bicycle. Angered, Benny sets out to find the person behind the attacks.

The subject is a timely and thought provoking one: showing what can or may happen when certain personalities impress their beliefs on an impressionable public. The characters are true to life. The background is colorful: the recording studios, the back alleys and strip clubs and the streets of San Francisco.

This is an enjoyable book, well-written and easy to read.

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