The Sigma Protocol
By Robert Ludlum
St. Martin's Press - October 30, 2001
ISBN: 0312276885 - Hardcover
Spy Thriller

Reviewed by: Nancy Marie, MyShelf.Com
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Ben Hartman had the perfect life. He was filthy rich, handsome, athletic, an international traveler and businessman. The only dark spot in his life was the tragic accidental death of his twin brother, four years earlier. Peter's death left a yawning hole in his life, and it had also required Ben to assume a position in the family's financial management business, a position and a responsibility he detested. It is in Zurich on a combination business/pleasure trip that Ben's life starts to unravel. An old college friend tries to kill him and Peter's secret past resurrects itself. With those secrets resurrected, Ben's life embarks on a nightmare roller-coaster ride of assassinations, Nazi head-hunters, international politics, and ghosts from the past. As he flees from country to country, seeking answers and trying to escape the assassins, Ben seeks answers to the questions that haunt him: Was his brother's death really an accident? Who is trying to kill him and why? And, what type of man is his father? Was he a survivor of the Holocaust or was he a Nazi SS officer? The answers Ben finds are not only surprising and shocking but deadly.

In typical Ludlum style this novel is fast-paced and action packed. A slew of bodies follow the hero as he crosses borders and continents. The lovely heroine is both engaging and complicated, but no more complicated than the plot.

Ludlum has done it again! You will stay up much longer than you should, simply because you will not be able to put this book down. You will be looking for toothpicks to prop your eyes open as the clock ticks two in the morning and you simply want to read "one more page." And you will enjoy this book immensely.

Nancy Marie is the author of When You Wish Upon A Star.

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