By Natalie R. Collins, Inc. - 2001
ISBN: 1931391734 - Paperback
Suspense / for explicit content

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Kelsey Waite ran away from a legacy of evil as a teenager and started a new life. A cult, calling itself The Church of the Lamb of God, a twisted branch of Mormonism, believes that she is instrumental in bringing about a terrible prophecy - and they want her back. What better way to bring her directly into their fold than by taking the one thing that means the most to her - her daughter?

Now, Kelsey has no choice. She must return to Utah and rescue Tia, who is probably with Kelsey's parents, still entrenched in the beliefs and control of the church. Quinn Anderson, a detective assigned to Kelsey's case, is dedicated to finding the little girl - as well as to protecting Kelsey from the two men who rule the CLG with iron fists and evil intentions.

Joshua Stone and his son, David, are determined to see the prophecy come to pass. Kelsey must marry David and give birth to triplets - called "the three warriors." The Stones will use any means to bring about their plans - and murdering anyone who gets in their way is certainly not beyond their powers. While David waits for his bride, Kelsey deals with the demons of the past - and a blossoming love in the present.

SisterWife is an engrossing novel that lures you into the twisted world of a cult that has borrowed what it wants from religion - and mixed it with the worst of humanity. Natalie Collins gives us a well written, gripping, and thoroughly consuming story. The characters are compelling and drawn with life-like strokes. You'll have a tough time putting this one down!

Nancy Mehl is the author of Graven Images and Sinner's Song.

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