Six Strokes Under
A Golfing Mystery
By Roberta Isleib
Berkley Prime Crime - June 02
ISBN: 0425185222 - Paperback

Reviewed by: Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com
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Kaitlin Rupert has caused a ruckus at the Qualifying School for the LPGA Tournament. Her claims of sexual abuse at the hands of her father have outraged many people and the next thing she knows, her psychiatrist has been murdered. Cassandra Burdette was the one to find the body and is now considered a suspect.

This is Cassie's first and only shot at Q school, but now there is more on her mind than golf. Cassie has tried to be friendly with Kaitlin, but her hostile personality makes it difficult, to say the least. Cassie cannot stand the thought of being a suspect but even more, she can't take being harassed, daily, by the local sheriff. Casie decides to take matters into her own hands and solve this crime. However, this plan might not be conducive to her golf game or her life.

Six Strokes Under is a fast and fun read. Although, I thought the reason that the police suspected Cassie was a bit thin, the rest of the story held up well. Cassie is a multifaceted character, whose flaws only make her more endearing. The golf terms are aided by a glossary in the front of the book, but Isleib never uses too much golf terminology to confuse the reader. Golf lovers, as well as mystery lovers, should enjoy this book.

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