Slow Dollar
By Margaret Maron
Mysterious Press - Sept. 2002
ISBN: 0892967641- Hardcover

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer,
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Deborah Knott is the judge in Colleton County, but the night she goes to the carnival she wants nothing to do with work. Deborah just wants to enjoy herself and catch up with reliving childhood memories. Her desire seems to be happening; that is, until she reaches one of the games and finds a dead body. Deborah soon finds out that the body is Brazos Hartley, who turns out to be family. This fact never came to light because one of Deborah's brother's (there are ten others!) has always denied giving birth to Brazos's mother. Brazos's mother, Tally, had hoped to meet her family, but not under these circumstances. While all this is happening, Deborah receives a proposal in her personal life that will shock everyone.

There is no other way to describe Slow Dollar in any other way than as a WOW book. The twist Deborah's life takes in this book will change many things in future books and I, for one, was very happy that Maron had the courage to instigate this character development. The story kept me riveted and reminded me why Margaret Maron is one of my favorite mystery authors.


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