The Snow Garden
By Christopher Rice
Hyperion - February 2002

Reviewed by: Jen Oliver,
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A riveting story that throws in murder, mystery, sexual situations, and college life. This is a story that touches the present with the past through murder. A college professor's wife drives herself into an icy river, a student gets involved with the same professor, and then another death occurs. Are these two deaths connected in some hideous manner?

Mr. Rice does a fantastic job in keeping the reader on their toes and wanting more from this book. He adds a certain touch to a normal murder mystery. His writing style allows the reader to feel that they are part of the story, like a fly on a wall. The plot line is done very well and the reader is never lost while reading the book. He is also able to stand on his own merits of storytelling instead of hiding underneath his mother's, Anne Rice.

If you have read Christopher Rice's "The Density of Souls", you need to pick up this book. If you have wondered if Mr. Rice can stand on his own two feet or if he writes like his mother, pick up this book and you will learn that he has the talent to write true fiction stories, not just hype and hoopla.

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