By John Laurence Robinson
AmErica House - May 2002
ISBN: 1591290201 - Trade Paperback
Thriller / Suspense

Reviewed by: Nancy Mehl,
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Joe Box is an enigma. Living life as a hard-drinking, hard-thinking detective in Cincinnati, he could almost be a stereotypical figure. But beneath his rough and tumble surface lies a conflicted man who struggles to live by his own code. Originally from Kentucky, he is a throwback to the quintessential "Southern Gentleman." Armed with the wisdom of his departed grandmother echoing in his psyche and his gun securely strapped to his body, he thinks he is ready for anything. However, when he is asked to take on the case of an industrialist's missing daughter, neither his Grandma nor his gun can help him this time. Something else is lurking in the shadows - something Joe has never faced before. Something he knows he isn't equipped to face and walk away from alive. The missing girl is being held prisoner by a madman with a plan that is fueled by the fires of hell itself. Joe Box must seek help from above, but to do that, first he must face his greatest fear - himself.

SOCK MONKEY BLUES is a surprising novel. I fell in love with it from the first page. I was delighted with its humor, engrossed in its terrifying plot, inspired by its portrayal of faith, and brought to tears through its raw and emotional look into the soul of Joe Box. The writing is deftly delivered by author John Laurence Robinson, who has the ability to bring his story and characters to life in a unique and powerful way.

One of the best novels I've ever had the privilege to read, SOCK MONKEY BLUES rates my very highest recommendation. I can hardly wait for the next one.

Nancy Mehl is the author of "Graven Images" and "Sinner's Song."

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